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Natural Reflections: Tiles that Bring the Outdoors In

Posted on 12th April 2021

Events of the past 12 months have heightened our desire to connect with the environment beyond our front door. Whether it’s through materials, colours or finishes, the natural world continues to influence our interior design decisions.

A major advantage of this trend is that it can be incorporated in multiple ways, from bold foliage decor to the inclusion of subtle earthy tones. Read on to see how you can use tiles to partner with Mother Nature for your next interior project.

Baker Street - A stylish collection of rustic slim format ceramic wall tiles

Creating tactile surfaces

The smoothness of a pebble through to a tree's rough bark; nature always encourages us to explore by touch. Our Bergen collection of ceramic wall tiles features a woodgrain effect that will transport you to the peace and tranquillity of the forest. This compact collection can be used on its own or combined in creative lay patterns for stunning results. We love Auburn Teak set against bolder nature-inspired colours, like deep ocean blues or leafy greens.

Additionally, take a stroll on Chesil Beach with Stonework, our collection of ceramic wall tiles that take inspiration from the natural irregularity of stone. Available in a range of organic colours, including Limewash and Hessian, these tantalising-to-touch tiles will complement any interior. For the ultimate shingle beach effect, we recommend combining the different hues.

Hampton - Inspired by classic marble and stone capturing the natural beauty and detail. Offered in a small format, perfect for any kitchen space.

Reflecting our world

Fans of natural photography know that reflections in nature provide the ultimate artistic and creative inspiration. Whether it’s the serenity of stunning scenery in still water or the glittering effect of sun rays hitting the sea, mirroring works to accentuate the beauty of our world.

When it comes to replicating this natural wonder, our Hampton collection looks to Spain and Italy for inspiration and incorporates the unique patterns of marble. These glazed ceramic tiles are available in White and Moonrock, with a high gloss finish that fits perfectly in any kitchen space.

Continuing on the reflective theme, the Baker Street collection catches and reflects light for that natural shimmering effect. Available in neutral Chalk and Magnolia hues, these rustic slim format ceramic wall tiles help you create a modern brick effect that is perfectly at home in your kitchen or bathroom.

To see all of our trend-led collections, head to https://outlet.johnson-tiles.com/.

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