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Introducing the Magentaverse: your colour scheme for 2023

Posted on 4th January 2023

The most powerful and surprising colour for 2023 is set to be Viva Magenta. Pantone Colour Institute's Colour of the Year is already shaking things up in the worlds of fashion, design and make-up. Pretty soon it will be bringing its unrivalled energy to our homes too.

Inspired by the organic carmine dye from the cochineal beetle, Viva Magenta is rich, warm and energising - with something of the rebel about it. A year ago, we couldn't have imagined recommending this confident tone with a big personality for your next home renovation project. But it has been a year of extremes, and Pantone has distilled the global mood into one colour and broad palette.

So, lets dive headfirst into the #Magentaverse as we share some tips on using this years hottest hue in your next interior project...

Use as a highlight

Because its bold and accessible, this shade of magenta is the perfect colour to use as a natural highlight for your interior. Think accents in the form of towels, soft furnishing or kitchen accessories.

Alternatively, use as a pop of colour amongst other full-bodied shades such as deep Victorian blue and Apple green like this tiled wall using the Minton Hollins Bevel collection. Achieve the look using our bevel brick in red. The gloss finish of these glazed ceramic wall tiles makes any colour seem to glow, and blends well with blues, greens and even plain white. You can mix the 200x100mm size format of Bevel Brick in different patterns; such as herringbone or with coloured grouts for stunning results.

Go bold

Viva Magenta has given birth to four complementary colour palettes, curated by Pantone, including 'Family Ties'. These magenta undertones make a theatrical statement in the home - combining colours like red, maroon, rose and even blush.

Bold and confident is the trend of the season, so take cues from the 'family ties' colour palette and go all out with a whole wall of these square pillar box red mosaic tiles. Great for making a 'wow' feature in the kitchen or bathroom, it creates a focal point and can fit any style of décor, whether modern or traditional, or any mood whether dramatic and playful or quiet and restful.

Looking for more inspiration? Take a look at our complete collection of wall and floor tiles, and let Viva Magenta inspire your next colour scheme.

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